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We know you've got questions. Here are the answers to the questions we get asked the most...

Q: Why should we pay more for your services when we can hire someone else who charges less? A: While we would love to say that we are the best photographers for everyone, we know that is not always true. We want you to love our work, love our personalities and feel comfortable trusting us from beginning to end. Our clients choose us because creative photography is important to them, because they want something more than just documentation, because they want consistently beautiful images, because they want to have a fun experience, and because they value photography as an investment.

Q: Where did you two go to school for this?
A: Both of us have degrees from the University of Central Florida in subjects that are not Photography. Photography started many years ago as a hobby for both of us and as our passion grew so did our skill and our commitment to learning. We are continually learning from our contemporaries as well as teaching ourselves the newest techniques and technologies to evolve into the best possible artists we can be.

Q: Why is an engagement session important?
A: We highly suggest engagement sessions as they allow us to get to know you and your fiance better. We also get a chance to learn your style, your best angles, and what makes your love unique. These sessions also help you get to know us so that you feel completely comfortable with us by your wedding day.

Q: Will you shoot portrait or engagement sessions outside of Orlando? A: Yes. We are more than willing to travel for both weddings and portraits. If you are in a surrounding city (Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Tampa, St. Pete, Gainsville, Melbourne, Daytona, etc.) then we ask that you make yourself available to shoot on a Sunday afternoon as that is the best day for us to take a day trip to your town. If you are more than 2 hours (driving distance) from Orlando, please contact us for a travel quote and availability. If you are out of state, we suggest finding a few other people who would like portrait sessions around the same date so that you can all split the travel fees for us to come. We will also post our travel schedule on the blog and if you are local to an area we are visiting, we highly suggest trying to schedule your session then to avoid travel charges.

Q: We love your work and would like to meet to talk about our options with you. Is that okay? A: We love to meet with prospective clients to hear their vision for their wedding photography and to see if we are, in fact, the perfect match for them. We prefer to meet in the evenings locally.

Q: We must have you as our photographers, what do you require to book?
A: We require a 50% non-refundable retainer and signed contract to book your date and secure our services.

Q: Will you hold a date for us until we decide?
A: Due to volume of inquiries, we are no longer able to hold dates or "pencil in" without a signed contract and retainer. We do not want you to rush into booking but please keep in mind that the first clients to submit their contracts and deposits will be given the date.

Q: Will you shoot all types of weddings and people?
A: Yes we will. If you are in love and making a commitment to each other, we are honored to capture it.

Q: Do you shoot everything together?
A: Yes we do. We pride ourselves on our easy going team dynamic. The only sessions that may be shot differently would be boudoir or maternity and then the choice of having a male photographer present is yours to make. Also, our 1 hour individual portrait sessions are sometimes shot with just one photographer to allow more flexibility with scheduling.

Q: I've read that we should give you a shot list for the wedding day. Is that helpful? A: Not entirely. Before your wedding we will send you a questionnaire to fill out with all the details of your big day including any special details, moments, traditions or family members that you want us to know are of significance. We will take care of all the standard wedding images that we know you want but trying to check images off of a list on your day is tedious and interrupts the creative process.

Q: Our wedding is planned for Miami/Europe/NYC/the Bahamas, will you travel? A: Yes we love to travel and are happy to go wherever your wedding is. We will customize a travel quote for you based on your specific event. A destination wedding is also the perfect excuse to have an AMAZING "Day After" session as the locations are generally more exotic. (And hey, we're already in town!). If your wedding is in the continental U.S. we have a collection called the "Jet-Set All-Inclusive" that includes unlimited day of coverage, an Heirloom album, additional coverage for the rehearsal or day-after session and all travel fees no matter what they end up being. Ask for more information when you inquire.

Q: We are in a different town/state/country than you and will not be able to meet face to face. A: That is okay. Although we love sitting down over coffee with prospective clients, we can get all of the necessary details over the phone or via video conferencing online.

Q: You are booked on my date but I really want some images by you both. A: We offer Trash the Dress, Day After, Engagement, and "Just Because" Portrait Sessions that can be scheduled almost any time.

Q: I want to purchase a session as a gift for a loved one. How do I do that? A: That is a lovely idea. Contact us to purchase a beautiful gift certificate to present to your special someone. You may purchase an entire session or a specified monetary amount. The choice is yours.

Q: Do you offer any discounts or specials?
A: Sometimes. The best way to stay informed is to join our mailing list and subscribe to our blog as those are our two major communication mediums.

Q: Are you looking for an assistant?
A: We are not currently looking for an assistant but we are looking into a few interns. There is a link on our blog through which you can apply.

Q: I have a nice camera and want to learn how to use it better. Can you help me? A: We are currently in the planning process for a photography event for non-professional individuals ranging in skill levels from beginner to intermediate. The best way to stay informed of these events is to join our mailing list and subscribe to our blog.

Q: Can we see more of your work?
A: You can if you follow our photography blog. That is also a good place to get to know us better and say hello.

Becka Knight and Nate Robinson, Studio222 Photography

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Welcome. I'm Becka, creator and 1/2 the creative whirlwind behind Studio222 Photography. It's lovely to meet you. Together with my fiance, Nate, we create art from life and freeze moments in time for our beautiful clients. Welcome to our little corner of the interweb. Unlike our portfolio which showcases our favorite images and can only hold so much, this blog chronicles what we are doing right now and archives what we've done so far. And since I'm the author you get to hear about anything else I feel like babbling about. (Lucky you!) Prepare to hear a lot about shoes. ;) Not only do we use this blog to share our current work in photography, but since I write it, I get to use it to talk about life, art, shoes, baking, and whatever else I'm feeling inspired by at the moment. But enough about me. So without further adieu....

Becka and Nate are a photography team creating breathtaking images that artistically capture the emotions of the moment and the true beauty of the subject. Specializing in "modern photography for lovers of style and simplicity", they have created a very special niche for themselves as "out of the box" photojournalists. Since they appeared on the photography scene, Becka and Nate have been making much-needed waves with their innovative approach to portraiture and business, their easy going team dynamic, and their artistic style of photography.

We're in love. We're engaged! We love people in love. We quote movies and comedians a lot. (Especially Jim Gaffigan) We are Macs. We drink lots of coffee. We love dinners out with friends. We love traveling. We take a ridiculous amount of pictures and our computer hates us for it. We are Photoshop nerds. We have an unhealthy attachment to our iPhones. We like good music. Sometimes we spontaneously slow dance in public. We really like to go on dates. We like to eat chocolate chip cookie dough Pop Tarts, wine, salsa, and cheese (but not necessarily all at one time).

We're love love. We think photography is oh so important. We like to have fun. We don't want stuffy pictures. We want to remember this time. We want something different. We want something relevant. We laugh a lot. We don't want to say "cheese". We don't mind (insert random act such as: jumping, laying on the ground, climbing, making out) for a great shot. We want to make our friends jealous. We want to feel comfortable. Did we mention that we like to have fun?

So grab a comfy chair and a cup of coffee and hang out with us for a bit as we share our work and our life with you.
Oh, and don't forget to say "hello"!

Nate & Becka