Aaron & Isabel

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No, that’s not Justin Timberlake. But he sure does bear a striking resemblance doesn’t he? Aaron and Isabel were one of those couples that kept us laughing the whole time! They share a passion for Boggle (one of Nate and my favorite games) and we even played a few rounds in the park after our shoot at which we got our butts kicked because they are ridiculously good. Aaron even started dancing with Isabel in the street. So cute! They are both gorgeous and such natural models. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon guys!

Select Start LIVE

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World, meet Select Start. I missed their show in Orlando last time they were here so I was thrilled when I saw a flier saying they were coming back again. The lead singer, Joe, and the drummer, Patrick, are good friends of mine from high school. Their band has been steadily gaining in popularity and in a substantial fan base with their shows at various stops of the Warped Tour and local Battle of the Band wins. They are setting out on tour soon as well so you might get a chance to see them live!
Check out their music here: Select Start

The Crocker Boys

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Lori was kind enough to offer me her youngest two sons, Aaron and Jason for a short, midday shoot. We had to work quickly since Aaron wasn’t too fond of the bright sun, but we froze some beautiful moments in time. Jason provided me with a willing subject as he hammed it up for my camera and kept me and his mom laughing at his antics.