Sneak Peak: Save The Date Cards!

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We are all about the art here at Studio222 Photography. Our entire business structure is built around the idea of turning your life into art that you can show off (Read: Make your friends and family jealous of how gorgeous and photogenic you are). Recently we decided that we wanted to offer Save The Date Cards that our engaged couples could order using their favorite image (or images) from their session. So we got to work putting together some designs that we'll be offering in the upcoming months. Of course, they can be customized to match varying wedding colors. They aren't quite finished yet...
Enjoy the sneak peak!

1. For the couple that is: Elegant and classy

2. For the couple that is: Modern and Chic

3. For the couple that is: Fancy and Gamorous

4. For the couple that is: Simple and Fun

5. For the couple that is: Making a Statement

Stay tuned as we launch these and other gorgeous cards that you can order with your favorite images from your sessions. Some others in the works are:
1. Save the Date
2. Thank You
3. Happy Holidays
4. Baby Announcements

Stay Classy!
♥ Becka & Nate

Contest Results:

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There was an overwhelming tally for images A & C which made Nate and I laugh for a long time
because image A is his and image C is mine! :)



I guess we'll call this round a draw.
But knowing Nate, he won't be happy with a tie for long.
Until next time...

Nates images were A & D
My images were B & C

Thanks everyone for leaving us comments!!!!!

Adventure: DeLeon Springs State Park

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*Super long post with a contest at the end*


Nate and I love day trips. Taking them has actually become a tradition for us. This morning I had crazy cabin fever so I suggested we go on an adventure. Nate proposed that we head toward Wekiva Springs because we had heard that there were great nature trails there and we had some equipment to break in!

We plotted our course and headed up the interstate. We weren't too sure where we were supposed to get off the interstate and missed our exit but didn't realize it until we were driving through Deltona (read: 25 miles north). Nate saw a sign for Blue Springs and we figured that a spring is a spring, so we pulled off the interstate to follow the signs. Lost in conversation, we realized that we had passed our turn-off again and were now headed toward the middle of nowhere. In the spirit of adventure we decided to drive a bit longer and see what we came upon. We ended up driving through a little town called Deland and as we were about to turn around and go back to look for Blue Springs, Nate spotted a sign that read, "DeLeon Springs State Park". We both looked at each other, simultaneously shrugged, and turned into the park.

$5 later we were walking through a butterfly garden admiring a myriad of insects and the gorgeous power of my new 1.4 prime.

I don't know why I love this so much, but I do...

This guy reminds me of the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland!

This flower fascinated us! Does anyone know what kind it is???

There's such whimsy in nature.

We walked down to the spring and decided that $10 for an hour with a paddleboat was a fabulous idea. The guy in the rental booth told us that a bunch of other people had spotted a 6 foot alligator and asked if we could try to get some photos of it for him to see.

He was acutally about 10 feet. Hello Bubba!

HAHAHA...Apparently firearms are no longer prohibited...

Loved these old docks!

Nate and I are very competitive shooters. We are always trying to out-shoot each other. Nate proposed that we each take shots of the same things at the same time and each edit them and let our beloved blog friends vote on which one's they like more. Bragging rights are at steak here people, and Nate is a bragger, so I'm hoping that this contest humbles him to realizing that I'm really the talent behind this operation. ;)'re job is to look at the following pairs of images and leave us a comment with the name of the ones you like best.
Let the contest begin!

1. Wide Angle of the River

Image A

Image B

2. Run down Docks

Image C

Image D

Happy voting friends! And happy Monday!

The New Hotness!

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Check out this new hotness!

Now that our blog has undergone its overhaul,
I can move on to our other list of "to-do"s.

We've got some fun stuff in the works,
some of it Nate and I are sworn to secrecy about,
but I can leak a few tidbits to you...

+ We got a bunch of new equipment we'll be showcasing soon.
(Including a new computer so we're busy organizing and moving everything)
+ We're adding an entire new section to our portrait photography!
(It's gonna be AMAZING! You're gonna LOVE IT!)
+ We're revamping our PRO site and services!
(Did you hear that photographer friends? It's gonna rock your socks off!)
+ We're enjoying a short shooting break but we've got a
bunch of stuff on the calendar for August so keep checking in!
+ I can neither confirm nor deny that I may have a new tattoo or will have one soon. ;)

Becka & Nate

sneak peak...

Gallo's Family Shoot (Part 2)

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We had so many photos from our golf course session with the Gallo's family. It took us a while to wade through them all but now they are finally finished and boy are they gorgeous!

First of all, we couldn't have asked for a better group of people to get to shoot. This family was hilarious, sweet, happy, and up for whatever we asked. It doesn't get better than that. Second, the golf course is beautiful! It has amazing green fields and wonderful rolling hills.

We hope you enjoy the second installment of images!

Nate caught this sweet moment at the end of the shoot. Instant favorite!

Nate's view

Look at this amazing gene pool!

You could tell just by watching them how much this little girl adored her daddy!

Ok, I know they were just being goofy, but this is one of my favorites!

Look at those delicious cheeks!

Are you kidding me? She's flawless!

Dear family,
We are putting the finishing touches on your DVD and will have your online gallery ready for you in the next day or two. Enjoy!

The Lovely Ladies of 105

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We love shooting portrait sessions. The only thing we love more is shooting portrait sessions that are unexpected. When we were contacted by 3 girls who have been roommates for the last 4 years and wanted to have photos done before they all go their separate ways, we were just so excited. These lovely ladies have such a sense of humor! They came to us with all kinds of crazy ideas for shots to commemorate their inside jokes. We shot our first half of their shoot around town. The second half will be shot at their apartment in the upcoming weeks. Here is just a sampling of what we got around town...

Are you kidding us? Hotness!

Work it out ladies!

This is their token phrase, and their idea.

Another of their inside jokes...

Ridicu-hott! Could our job be any easier? I doubt it.

The lovely ladies of Apt 105

Edgar is one lucky man! This woman is out of control gorgeous!

Everyone needs a classic headshot!

Favorite! I've been wanting to try this for a while!

More to come in the upcoming weeks...

Gallo Family Shoot

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We has so much fun this weekend hanging out with this amazing family! We spent the early evening at the local Country Club golf course playing around in the grass. They were up for anything and were such troopers putting up with the setting sun. The kids were hilarious and beautiful and everyone was easygoing and full of smiles and jokes. We love our job!

Meet the fam

Ok, Dads down front!


Are you kidding us? Adorable overload

All the girls

Mommy and Daughter Gallo

Daddy's ring

Unanimous photographer's favorite!

Dear beautiful family,
It was so hard to pick and choose our favorites for the blog! Your family was the kind of family everyone hopes to one day have. Nate and I feel so blessed to have gotten to spend the afternoon with you all! Enjoy! We'll have the rest of them for you soon. :)