Mondo Bongo and other tropical things...

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Lisa and Josh bring the windy weather. When we shot their wedding in August it was on the tail end of Hurricane Fay. (You may remember their super dramatic shot in front of the storm clouds.) When Lisa contacted me after her wedding to ask if we would be able to shoot a trash the dress Encore Session for her I was more than excited! Josh and Lisa had been so much fun to shoot at their wedding and we were thrilled to get to see them again. What thrilled us even more was that Lisa was up for anything with her dress. Of course, in true Lisa and Josh fashion, they brought the windy weather with them. But we managed to get some great shots of them all around (and in) the springs. Thanks guys for being so much fun!

We also spent a little bit of time getting some pictures of these two in regular clothes since we hadn't gotten the chance to do an engagement shoot prior to their wedding. I just love how comfortable they are in front of the camera!

Now...for the dress

Encore Sessions are so steamy! You'll be hearing much more about them when our updated website launches in December. Until then, have you heard the song Mondo Bongo? It was playing in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith when they were dancing together at that bonfire party in Mexico. It's hot stuff. As I was finishing these images I just couldn't help turning on itunes and finding this song. It just fits the entire mood of these water images. Listen here, you'll know what I mean: Mondo Bongo

We had an audience. :)

Heather: Sneak Peak

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We hung out with Heather the other day and snapped some great head shots and portraits for her. I was so excited to meet her since she had worked with Nate years ago and I had only met her once or twice around town. She is definitely a beautiful woman and so much fun to get to know. Plus, she hung out with us afterwards and watched a few episodes of one of our favorite shows, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". You can't get better than that!

I know I keep giving you a bunch of "sneak peaks" and I promise you'll be getting the rest soon but until then,
enjoy our favorite five.

Who are your favorite photographers? Studio222? You're too kind!

Justin & Lindsey: Sneak Peak

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Yesterday we got to spend the afternoon with Justin and Lindsey to get their some engagement photos for them. They were so much fun, not to mention gorgeous. We had so many amazing pictures that it took Nate and I almost half an hour to pick just five for this sneak peak. But here they are...

Thanks for being such fabulous models! We cannot wait to show you the rest of the images! :)

Chaos and Perfection

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Stefanie and Randy have such a fun connection. When you add their adorable daughter, Rylie into the mix it's chaos and perfection. All three of them have a carefree, loving, goofy air about them and they are all completely wrapped up in each other. They are all sassy and quick to make funny faces to the camera and just so much fun to hang out with. The icing on the cake was going to dinner at Spice with the three of them afterwards and playing lions with Rylie under the table. We hope you catch a glimpse of their amazing love for each other in these photos. Thanks Morrissettes for letting us capture your family in photos!

Josh & Lisa: Sneak Peak

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Today we got to see our newlywed friends, Josh and Lisa Sears. You may remember them from their beautiful wedding a few months ago. We were so excited to get to take them around for an Encore: Trash the Dress Session this afternoon. We're currently sorting through all the beautiful shots but for now, here's our favorite five:

More to come...

The City Beautiful

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On Thursday, I was up before the sun. Driving down the interstate, there was a thick fog wrapping 1-4 in it's hazy grasp. I turned a corner and was struck by what I saw. The sun was coming up over the rooftops and piercing through the fog about 200 feet in front of me with a barrage of golden sunbeams. I've never seen golden light like I saw this morning. It bounced around inside the fog until it completely dissolved it and I was driving in crystal clear air. Amazing.

On the way back home, I was diverted by a backed up train (that sat on the tracks for a good 20 minutes! Ugh! I digress...) and was finally forced to drive the long way home as a detour. Lucky for me, the long way involves driving halfway around a lake directly eastbound towards the rising sun. As I circled the lake, I was blinded by the reflection of the sunrise on the surface of the water. The lake was completely still and reflecting the sky perfectly. If you've been following our blog for more than a week, you know that Nate and I LOVE clouds. (And by "LOVE" I mean "have an unhealthy photography obsession with" them.) We get so excited by ominous skies, sunsets, sunrises, and even everyday-Florida fluffy clouds. We joke that one day we'll become the photographers known for having crazy clouds in all their pictures. :) I hope these two images bring a bit of sunshine to wherever you may be. Happy Saturday!

Triple Threat...

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As photographers, we are approached by beautiful people all the time who want their photos taken. Rachel is no exception. Except maybe that Rachel is not just beautiful, she is a triple threat and ridiculously talented at singing, acting, and modeling. (And I'm not just saying that because I want to crash on her couch in NYC.) We had a great time shooting her headshots for her updated portfolio. You can see more photos from this session here. Everyone wish her luck since she just moved to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams of singing and acting. We know she'll make it big!

and I couldn't resist...

Morrissette Family: Sneak Peak

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We felt so honored when our friend Stefanie Warren asked us if we could do a family style shoot for her. Our answer was an excited "yes" since we love any chance we get to hang out with Stefanie. You may recognize her gorgeous face as the Associate Photographer at Ha! Photography. We had a blast exploring downtown with these three. All three of them are completely wrapped up in each other which is so wonderful to witness. More to come soon, but until then here are our favorite 5!

Ireland? No, it's just Florida.

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First, I'm not sure if you've heard yet but we are working on a brand new version of our website. It is going to be B-E-A-utiful and we are very excited about it. Along with the makeover we are going to be unveiling something we like to call "Encore Sessions". You'll be seeing that term used more and more in the coming months. These sessions refer to boudoir, trash the dress, day-after sessions, and a few others that are being kept secret right now. ;)

Onto the real post...


We were so excited when Bonnie suggested a trash the dress session in beautiful St. Augustine. Not only is it Nate's hometown, but it's just overflowing with character and fantastic locations at which to shoot. We were like kids in a candy shop! Steve and Bonnie were such AMAZING models. We made them walk all over downtown St. Augustine and then took them to the beach and they stuck with us the whole time. Can you believe this is Florida? I've been asked a few dozen times if these were shot in Ireland. As much as I'd like to say "Heck yeah!" the answer is "No, just gorgeous St. Augustine, Florida." As if the castle of a fort wasn't enough, Bonnie had a special bouquet made of Mango Calla Lilies just for the shoot! How amazing is she?!

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