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Welcome. I'm Becka, creator and 1/2 the creative whirlwind behind Studio222 Photography. It's lovely to meet you. Together with my fiance, Nate, we create art from life and freeze moments in time for our beautiful clients. Welcome to our little corner of the interweb. Unlike our portfolio which showcases our favorite images and can only hold so much, this blog chronicles what we are doing right now and archives what we've done so far. And since I'm the author you get to hear about anything else I feel like babbling about. (Lucky you!) Prepare to hear a lot about shoes. ;) Not only do we use this blog to share our current work in photography, but since I write it, I get to use it to talk about life, art, shoes, baking, and whatever else I'm feeling inspired by at the moment. But enough about me. So without further adieu....

Becka and Nate are a photography team creating breathtaking images that artistically capture the emotions of the moment and the true beauty of the subject. Specializing in "modern photography for lovers of style and simplicity", they have created a very special niche for themselves as "out of the box" photojournalists. Since they appeared on the photography scene, Becka and Nate have been making much-needed waves with their innovative approach to portraiture and business, their easy going team dynamic, and their artistic style of photography.

We're in love. We're engaged! We love people in love. We quote movies and comedians a lot. (Especially Jim Gaffigan) We are Macs. We drink lots of coffee. We love dinners out with friends. We love traveling. We take a ridiculous amount of pictures and our computer hates us for it. We are Photoshop nerds. We have an unhealthy attachment to our iPhones. We like good music. Sometimes we spontaneously slow dance in public. We really like to go on dates. We like to eat chocolate chip cookie dough Pop Tarts, wine, salsa, and cheese (but not necessarily all at one time).

We're love love. We think photography is oh so important. We like to have fun. We don't want stuffy pictures. We want to remember this time. We want something different. We want something relevant. We laugh a lot. We don't want to say "cheese". We don't mind (insert random act such as: jumping, laying on the ground, climbing, making out) for a great shot. We want to make our friends jealous. We want to feel comfortable. Did we mention that we like to have fun?

So grab a comfy chair and a cup of coffee and hang out with us for a bit as we share our work and our life with you.
Oh, and don't forget to say "hello"!

Nate & Becka


  1. The Chaconas Family // March 15, 2009 at 8:01 PM  

    Hey I was just wondering how you guys came up with your. My husband and I are out in Cali, and we were thinking up names for our own studio. Our wedding date is 2/22 so my husband thought that Studio 2/22 would incorporate the two of us. I looked it up and found your site. So I was just curious how you came up with yours. Oh, and I love your "trash the dress" shoot. Just beautiful.


  2. Brianna Phelan // May 27, 2009 at 11:36 PM  

    Great post - you guys rock!