Justin & Lindsey: Wedding

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Lake Mary Events Center | Lake Mary, Florida

Justin and Lindsey were another one of those couples with whom we felt the *click*. By the time their wedding date arrived, we had already gotten to know them over coffee and spent an afternoon with them for their engagement session. (We love when it all works out like that!) So to say that we were excited for their wedding would have been an understatement. At the wedding, we felt like we were old friends who just happened to have a knack for photography. Everyone was so easy going and excited. Justin and Lindsey gave us complete creative freedom and were so trusting of us that we were able to truly enjoy the entire day, soak up all the love and excitement and joy around us and then translate that into images. And I cannot forget to mention the wedding party and family, who were so much fun and up for anything we asked. Thank you for being amazing and rocking it hard for our cameras!

Justin and Lindsey,
Your love for each other is inspiring and evident to everyone around. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing us such unconditional trust on your wedding day. We cannot even express to you the honor that we felt and how much we enjoyed documenting each moment for the two of you. We hope that through these images you can relive the joy and romance of that day over and over again for years to come.

Beautiful beyond words.

Hello gorgeous!

This may be may favorite picture! The girls sneaking a peak...

Big sky, meet the blogworld. Blogworld, meet Big Sky.

Love this moment. Love her expression.

This is how you know that you've got true friends. They make this face when you say "I DO".

"We're married!!!!!"

One of the best wedding parties of all time:

Inspired by the movie "The Notebook"

This "most beautiful cake cutting picture of all time" taken by our talented assistant, Matt

Now for the best bouquet toss ever...
Toss number one went straight into the chandelier.

And toss number two smacked the maid of honor right in the face. :)

But sisters will love you even if you hit them in the face with your bouqet. ;)

Bon voyage!

Recommended vendors:
DJ Dan Benoit (the best we've ever seen!) of White Rose Entertainment
Catering, cake and table linens by Puff & Stuff
Flowers by Shelly at Country Club Flower Shop
Dress is "Watters" and is from Solutions Bridal (Ask for Katie-she rocks!)

Featured: Southern Weddings

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I'm sure that I sound like a broken record and you're going to be reading this thinking, "Um, if you could just shut up about websites and features and post some pictures that would be great." And I promise, I've got a bunch of pictures coming up. We've got 2 weddings to show you as well as some fun pictures from Disney World and a kick-A promo shoot. So... bear with me while I completely freak out about the subject of this post...

When embarking on any new adventures in life, there are always those goals you have set up for yourself along the timeline of your dreams. I'm talking about the big goals marking off major accomplishments. If the timeline of a dream was a ruler, those big accomplishments would be the inch marks. Each time you get to one it's a big deal. You've grown. You're moving up the ruler. This morning we added an inch. One of our business goals for 2009 was to be featured on a prominent wedding blog. Today, Southern Weddings Magazine Online made the magic happen for us with their Real Weddings Feature on Kate and Pete's wedding. I know that tons of weddings are featured on tons of wedding blogs every day, but this just made me so excited. I totally did my celebration dance around the living room.

Please go take a look and read Katie's interview about her amazing proposal story as well as how she went about planning such a fabulous wedding. Oh, and leave us some love over at SW so we look good. ;)

For all you brides-to-be out there, Southern Weddings maintains an amazing blog full of great insights, inspiration, and amazing vendors for brides getting married in the southern states. The magazine is available in almost every bookstore and it equally amazing. The ladies over there are doing a rocking job!

Featured: Are We Married Yet?

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I'm so thankful for twitter. Twitter is how I get my daily news. Seriously people. I'm in love with it. Twitter is also how I find out everything that's going in the the photography world and thanks to our good friends (thanks Baxters!), we were informed on twitter that some of our images had been featured on www.arewemarriedyet.com.

Are We Married Yet is am amazing website that showcases the thoughts and images from some of the world's best wedding planners and photographers. The goal of the site is to help brides be inspired and find their perfect photographers and planners (so invaluable!). So, we were so thrilled to have some of our images of Justin and Lindsey's engagement session chosen to be featured. (And rated with 5 stars? This is just too much!)

And, as the cherry on top, the post went live on 2/22/09. :) Did they do that on purpose? It's too perfect!

The photography on Are We Married Yet is mind-blowing and we feel so blessed to be included. Thank you.

Jules & Michael: Sneak Peak

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Happy 2/22 friends! Nate and I should have thrown a party today. :) Oh well. Maybe next year?

To celebrate this fabulous date, we bring you a sneak peak from our wedding on Friday. I can easily say that we have never seen a bride who was more excited to be married than Julianna and it was such a joy to capture her sheer bliss and love for her new husband. There's a lot more to come, but until then enjoy these five favorites...

25 Things About Becka

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1. I'm kind of a hypochondriac. I have an irrational fear of hospitals and of needles so whenever I don't feel well I get terrified that something is horribly wrong with me and that I'll have to be taken to the hospital.
2. I'm an introvert. I would rather stay at home all day than go anywhere. I think most of that is because I don't like getting ready to go out. And because our laundry is rarely done so I don't usually have many wardrobe items to choose from.
3. Anthropologie is my favorite store. If I could, I would shop there exclusively. But they don't sell cute enough shoes.
4. Speaking of shoes, I love high heels. Really high heels. At least 4 inches. (I just bought these beauties today!)
5. The image above was inspired by an image that the talented Jasmine Star took a while back. Her work and story inspire me.
6. Salerno, Italy in particular holds a big piece of my heart. I spent a summer there and I absolutely cannot wait to go back.
7. My favorite show in middle school was Dawson's Creek. I think that show is where I first discovered by love for big words, and for men like Pacey.
8. I enjoy editing pictures just as much, if not more, than taking them. (Which I hear is rare for photographers.)
9. I hate those blood pressure machines. I hate when it tightens around my arm and makes it so that I can feel my pulse in my elbow. Just thinking of it gives me shivers. Nate made me do it last weekend and my blood pressure was perfect but my pulse was ridiculously high because I started to freak out towards the end of the test.
10. My dream car is a black (or silver) Mercedes roadster. One day I will have one. I will.
11. No matter how well hydrated I am, my lips are always chapped.
12. I have very little tolerance for learning curves on things I am not interested in. I will stay up for hours teaching myself css coding to tweak this blog or work for hours to learn a new studio management software interface but I give up immediately when I can't find my iTunes files. I get frustrated and angry and whine to Nate that the computer is broken. He finds this completely mind-boggling. I call it an allocation of mental resources.
13. If I won a big amount of money, one of the things I would buy would be one of those hard core personal trainers who would yell at me and force me to get into amazing shape.
14. I have one small tattoo on my left wrist. I want to get two or three more small ones but I just can't decide where I want them.
15. I really love Gossip Girl more than anything else on TV (except maybe LOST)
16. I find it extremely charming when people directly address other people. (Ex: Tell me, Alexis, how was your day?) I try to remember to do it but always forget. Our friend Matt Tucker is a master at this.
17. I could drink Diet Dr. Pepper every day and never get sick of it!
18. I don't like it when my foods touch on my plate. Unless they were meant to touch. But at holidays, like Thanksgiving, I have to strategically position my portions so they don't bump into each other on the plate.
19. I really like the taste of pancake batter.
20. If I had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be gelato from Gerry's Gelaterie in Salerno and be completely happy until the day I die. Or Spicier Nacho Doritoes.
21. If I had to go through college again and pick a different major than the one I currently have I'd want to get a degree in Nutrition.
22. I want to be an art collector one day but I feel like I don't know enough to go into a real gallery to shop.
23. I love exposed brick interiors. (Think: Brooklyn lofts) My dream home would be a place that has them.
24. I'm really excited about having kids one day. Not now, but one day. And I want my kids to have really cool names. Nothing too plain, nothing overdone, and nothing too crazy. I have a few in mind, but I'm not telling.
25. I can't sleep unless the room I'm in is very cold and I'm covered in thick blankets and comforters. I literally wake up from a deep sleep and can't fall back asleep until it's cold.

25 things about Nate

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We got tagged for this game about a hundred times between the two of us on Facebook so we caved and decided to sit down and write 25 things about ourselves to share with all of you. Nate is first...

1. I am an optimist. I always see the best in people, and usually don’t notice when people are trying to be malicious
2. I never know what to say when people ask me where I’m from. I am a missionary kid, I’ve traveled all over the world, but until I moved to St. Augustine at 14, I had never lived anywhere for longer than 4 years.
3. I have a degree from UCF in human resource management, and I've never had any desire to get into that field since I got it
4. I hope no one ever adds up how much time I’ve spent playing video games. I’ve got about 3,000 games of Halo (2&3) played online, and some epic Warcraft characters.
5. I’m Apple Pro Certified in Aperture (but I use Lightroom)
6. I love Canon and always will, but sometimes I secretly admire Nikons.
7. I could sit and listen to my surround sound for hours, and it doesn’t really mater what I’m listening too
8. I cry during movies more often than I’d like to admit
9. The older I get, the more I appreciate my family
10. Despite my best efforts, I have yet to find any food too spicy to eat.
11. I love buttered popcorn Jellybellies
12. I am really excited that Blink-182 is getting back together
13. I think that Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore are both rancid. Becka doesn't understand this.
14. I have no idea what I’m going to do now that it's the NFL offseason
15. I work for Apple (in addition to being a photographer), and anyone that knows me knows that it’s the perfect job for me.
16. I would love to go back to high school and be in drumline again
17. I don’t know how much it would take for me to give up my iPhone for a week, but it’s probably more than I’d make in that week.
18. Everyday I notice more and more than I’m starting to get more set in my ways and stubborn.
19. I’m adopted and have a half sister who doesn’t know that I exist
20. I’m was adopted into the most beautiful and perfect family anyone could have ever asked for, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world (not even my iPhone)
21. Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to do my jobs, they are so much fun. I love the people I work with and the work I do. Calling it work doesnt’ seem fair.
22. I have 3 tattoos and want at least 5 more.
23. I am a clean freak trapped in a lazy person’s body
24. If I could eat Moe’s every day for lunch without going broke and getting fat, I would do it in a heartbeat.
25. I am in a healthy and happy relationship with the most amazing girl I’ve ever met, and she surprises me and impresses me more and more every day.

Coming soon: Justin & Lindsey

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I am finishing up the images from Justin and Lindsey's lovely sunset wedding at the Lake Mary Events Center. I am so excited to share this wedding on the blog because Lindsey did such an amazing job selecting her vendors and I've got some great recommendations for all of you Central Florida brides who are still searching for yours. Until then...

(you know how we love big skies)


I'm currently working on the premier issue of our monthly newsletter. A portrait promotion is going to be announced in it. Limited spaces available. Those on the mailing list get to hear about it first. :)
Join or bust...

Freerunning in Orlando

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Have you heard of Free Running? If not, you've probably seen it in movies like Casino Royale without even knowing what it was. Free Running a sport that's gaining in publicity all over the world and it's gravity-defying moves are awe-inspiring to watch. Nate and I are lucky enough to have two extremely talented nephews who are into it and when they came to visit us this weekend, Nate took them downtown to get some shots of them in action.

Happy Valentine's Day & an image Featured in Weddings Unveiled

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Never knew I could feel like this.
Like I've never seen the sky before.
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day I love you more and more

Listen to my heart can you hear it sing
Telling me to give you everything
Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I love you, until the end of time

Wishing you a wonderful day of love and laughs and splendid things with those you care about most!
If any of you or your friends get engaged today, you know who to call tomorrow! ;)
PS. Notice the new header? The images change each time you refresh the page. Yay!

Also, check out the Weddings Unveiled Valentine's post featuring one of our gorgeous couple's Kate & Pete's first kiss picture.

Weddings Unveiled is a gorgeous magazine that showcases the brides of the south's amazing sense of sophistication and charm. Their blog is a wonderful resource for brides in the planning process. If you haven't already, head over there and take a look around their lovely site.