We've got our swim trunks, and our flippy floppies...

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We are currently ON A BOAT headed for Mexico and Grand Cayman for our first ever real life vacation together! Wish us luck (and smooth seas) it's our first time cruising! We will be gone from May 30th to June 5th and will not have access to our email or voicemail services (I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!) so if you email or call us, please note that we won't be able to respond right away. Thanks for your understanding and patience! We promise to respond to everything as quickly as possible when we get back.

I tried and tried to think of something interesting to write for this entry but the only thing that I can think of at this ridiculously early hour is that hilarious SNL short with Andy Sandberg. So.... I'll leave you with that, because we love Andy Sandberg, and it's one of our favorites...oh and we're on a boat!

Because he deserves to know...

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He kisses me goodbye and heads off in an opposite direction. For most of our weddings, everything is in opposites until the ceremony. Sometimes I'll turn around and see him standing there. He'll ask a question. Or, he's just checking in. I was so caught up in my busy independence that I didn't realize I needed checking in on. But now I like it. A random text message buzzes against my hip. "I love you". I inhale against my nerves and then turn back to catch a quick smile from the bride. *snap* That one is going to be good. It's time to put her veil on. And again, I'm diving head first into my art. Light from the window. Light from the lamp. Light from the ceiling. Lines and angles. The world through a camera is a magical place.

Another buzz against my hip. "The groom is headed to the ceremony location. See you soon!" I won't see him again until it's time for the ceremony to start. And to be honest, I'll be so caught up in this work that I won't even enjoy my first glimpse of him. I'll probably be rushed, stressed, my first words to him being some sort of hurried sentence about what we need to be doing next. He'll smile. Or sigh. And he'll switch lenses with me. Then he'll make sure I have an extra memory card. And battery. He'll tenderly squeeze my arm as he walks away. He's ever looking out for me. And I will forget to say "Thank you".

A hushed room. I lean out into the aisle from the front. He winks at me from the back corner of the aisle and my heart flutters. Our places are reversed from where a man and woman usually stand at this moment in time. Time stops as the bride comes into view. *click* Now that moment will be frozen forever. The groom gasps in his breath. *click* She's going to make fun of him for that expression later on, but she'll treasure that photo forever. A love poem is read. I haven't written him a love poem in months. I make a mental note to do that. And then forget.

Our favorite time of the day is upon us. Portraits with the bride and groom. For the first time in the day we are able to fully work as a team. Our movements are like a dance. I direct a shot, he directs a shot. We mindlessly move around each other to get the angles our imaginations are envisioning. The bride sneaks a kiss from the groom. *snap* Nate turns a second too late to get the shot and smiles at me as he sees that I got it. We are team. He can count on me and I on him. We both, instantly remember that we are not alone today. Or any day. I see him smile to himself.

The reception will fly by. He will ask me to dance. I'll say no. He'll continue asking me to dance until I give in, even if only for a sway or two. I'll worry that it won't look professional. He won't worry. I'm not sure if he ever worries. I probably do enough worrying for the both of us. But he knows how much I love to dance so he will make me do it, even against my will, for at least a second. He'll kiss the top of my head and push me away. Back to work. But never off of his mind.

He is my inspiration. My constant rock. My soulmate. My best friend. He is my comedic relief. My supporter. My driving force. He is exactly what I need every minute of the day without me ever having to ask. He will let me cry in frustration. He will pour me a glass of wine. He will listen to me talk, no babble, with plans and ideas and dreams, and he will never tell me that I can't do it. He will offer to do my errands on top of his full work day. And he will make me dinner when I haven't stopped working long enough to realize that it's dinnertime. I will forget to tell him how much he means to me. And that is never okay. Because he deserves to know every minute how wonderful I think he is and how lucky I feel to have him loving me. He deserves to know that I see all the work he does for our business, our life, and our relationship. He deserves to know that I know the sacrifices he makes for me, the ways that he goes out of his way for me, and that even when life is chaotic, we are grounded with each other. Nathan, I love you more than anything. I love you more than you can imagine. And even when I get too caught up in everyday business to tell you like you deserve, I still love you endlessly.

Image by: Heather Ahrens

Laura & Chris: JW Marriot Wedding Sneak Peak

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Laura and Chris, whom you may remember from their oh-so-adorable interview and engagement session a few weeks ago, tied the knot last Sunday at the JW Marriot Grande Lakes here in Orlando. Their wedding was beyond beautiful and I cannot say enough good things about the entire staff at the JW. From start to finish, the day went on without a single delay and we were even spoiled rotten with an extra hour for portraits when the bride and groom snuck away from the reception with us. :)

Laura and Chris have quickly become some of our favorite people to photograph. They are so genuinely fun, so sweet to each other, and so effortlessly in love that they are just complete naturals in front of our cameras. There were multiple times during the day when I started to give them some direction and before I could finish my sentence, they would already be doing exactly what I had in mind, but even better!

Not only was this wedding especially fun for us since we had gotten to know them both so well during their engagement session, but Laura works at a school that I used to work at in college for autistic children called the ABC Schoolhouse and a bunch of my old co-workers were in attendance. (Hey guys! XOXO!)

Laura & Chris,
Have fun in Hawaii! We cannot wait to finish the rest of these images for you. Thank you for including us in such a fabulous way on your wedding day and for trusting us completely. We feel so blessed to have gotten to know you both and wish you years and years of wedded bliss!


Laura, are you kidding me with this? You are so beautiful!

Nate has been rocking the face off our ring shots lately:

An afternoon thunderstorm provided us with some epic skies...

The sheer magnificence of this art display almost made me go cross eyed...

Oh hai!

Boom! Best sunset ever!

Jayce & Matt: St. Petersburg Wedding Sneak Peak

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Does anyone remember "Senioritis"? It's that all-consuming feeling that takes over once you enter the final stretch to graduation and leaves you practically incapable of thinking of anything other than graduation. When I was in high school I had it bad. For months I drug myself to class repeating in my mind the days left until I was finished, "18 days, 18 days, it's just 18 more days..."

Right now, Nate and I are struck with a similar ailment. It's called Vacationitis (medical term) and it's much worse than senioritis. I'm not going to lie, every few minutes my mind wanders.... What lenses do we want to take? Should we buy that underwater housing for the G10? I hear Grand Cayman has crystal blue water. Speaking of blue, I think I want to go get those turquoise flip flops I saw the other day. Oh, and Nate still needs new board shorts. I hate wearing shorts, maybe I'll go pick out a few new sundresses. Oooo- and a hat, one of those big J-Lo beach hats so I can lay out and read magazines and books all day. I should go to Barnes and Noble to get some new reading material. I want to lay on the boat and read with a drink in my hand. I wonder if the margaritas are really better in Mexico than they are here. 3 more days, 3 more days...

This last weekend we shot our last 2 weddings of a very busy May and our last sessions before vacation so now all that's left is to wrap up the business side of things. I am excited to show you the sneak peaks from this weekend's two weddings. First, I present to you, Jayce and Matt's sneak peak from their wedding on Saturday in St. Petersburg. Their wedding was held at the church that Matt grew up in and that his parents were married in! I am such a sucker for histories like that! Enjoy these favorite five teaser images. And Jayce & Matt, have a fabulous time in Aruba! We're jealous because it's raining like crazy here...

We are soooo in love with our new macro lens:

Their first act as husband and wife was this intimate communion ceremony. I just love this shot that Nate got of it:

Too cute...


Lauren & Mr. E: Destination Wedding in Sanibel

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Destination weddings are something we are definitely excited to do more of. We have a few more planned in 2010 and are so excited about them. There's something immensely fun about knowing that everyone is coming from out of town to this one, special location to celebrate. There's an air of "vacation joy" among all the guests as they sip on their drinks and enjoy the surroundings. Everyone is a bit more relaxed. And usually, it's someplace extremely beautiful.

Lauren and Mr. E chose Sanibel Island, Florida for their destination. His aunt owns this amazing spanish-style mansion right on the beach and was gracious enough to let the family transform it into a wedding and reception site. They kept everything casual but stylish with an airy, tropical flair. Small wooden fans with silver charms and personalized water bottles were available for guests as they took their seats at the outdoor ceremony. 4 stately palm trees served as an altar while a quartet gently filled the air with wedding melodies. Afterward guests were served cocktails by the pool and dinner facing the sunset. The entire evening was beautiful and lovely and we felt so welcomed and loved by the entire family. We even got to see and catch up with one of our couples from last November, Shea & Brittany. There's nothing better than already knowing someone at a wedding. ;)

TRUE STORY: This is our biggest post yet! But hey, it's a long weekend so it's completely appropriate. ;)

Location. Location. Location

Instant "something blue"...

It's almost time!

Everyone kept asking me what I was doing with the dress. Well, here ya go!

FIRST LOOK. These make me soooo happy.

Quite moments...


Thank you Nature, for this perfect setup...

My view:

Nate's view (I love that you can see mom laughing in the background!)



I love this

Flare for days: FAVORITE