Rachel: Sneak Peak

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I told you we had a busy weekend! We shot some images around downtown for Rachel's portfolio. She is on her way to the Big Apple and needed some shots to show off around town. We know she'll rock NYC. Isn't she's GORGEOUS? Here's our 5 favorites, more to come...

Steve & Bonnie: Sneak Peak

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St. Augustine, FL

We had such a fantastic time in North Florida this weekend shooting this trash the dress "Encore" session for Steve and Bonnie. When we first met them and were discussing possible locations Bonnie suggested St. Augustine and Nate and I immediately started dreaming up ideas. Steve and Bonnie were such natural models and such troopers as we led them through downtown St. Augustine and then to the beach. They were up for anything and helped us make some photography magic. There's so many more to come but here's our 5 favorites:

Studio Sneak Peak!

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Wow. I don't remember a 10pm when I was ever more exhausted than I am right now. We just got back home from shooting a rocking trash the dress in St. Augustine, Florida with one of our amazing couples.

We have been shooting like crazy and working very hard on putting together some really fun stuff that we'll be unveiling before the end of the year. I know that seems like it's far away but I promise you it will be here before you know it. We are working behind the scenes on a makeover to our website and boy is it going to be pretty! We are also shooting like CRAZY and stockpiling some gorgeous new images to show off when the new site launches. I want so badly to show off all the photos that we have but it's supposed to be a surprise. Lucky for you, I'm not very good at keeping secrets so here is a sneak peak of something you'll be seeing on our updated website...


Well Hello There!

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Nate and I don't have many photos of the two of us together. Any photos we have are ones we took ourselves or handed our camera to a stranger and hoped for the best. But the other day we got the chance to be in front of the lens when our good friend Heather Ahrens of Ha! Photography offered to take some portraits for us.

I think it's good to take time to be in front of the lens (as photographers) to see the whole experience from the opposite point of view. It's hard for me because I do not like getting my picture taken, I'd much rather be behind the camera making other people look beautiful.

I'm so happy to have some bio pictures now to use as we update our website. (Oh yeah, did I tell you that we are undergoing a makeover? It's so exciting!) So sit back and enjoy and get to know us a little bit better. :)

Click, Click, Click

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Some clients just click. Not just with each other, but with us. And when we met Ken and Christine, we knew it was going to be one of those experiences. All four of us just clicked, and to be completely honest, we're a little sad that they are moving to the other side of the country after their wedding. We love when clients become friends!

Ken and Christine are quite a pair. They are the kind of couple that is so head over heels in love that it makes you smile just to look at them. As soon as they walked into the coffee shop to meet us we could tell this shoot was going to be fun. Within the first few minutes of seeing them together, I was already awestruck by how tenderly Ken would look at Christine. Sweet glances and easy laughter passed between them all evening long and it was evident to anyone who walked by just how much they loved each other. It's so refreshing to see such an easygoing, tender, and happy love between two people. Thank you Ken and Christine for letting us capture it for you!

Check out that ROCK

Nate's view

My view

I love sweet moments like this.

Christine had the most AMAZING heels. I couldn't resist.


Super sneaky in the bushes shot ;)

We're loving these smiles.

All the cool kids are doing it... ;)

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Last week Nate and I were invited to take some pictures for our friends at the Tried and True Tatoo Expo. Nate had been hearing good things about an artist from NYC that had done work on some of his friends from Apple and we decided to see if we could find him amidst the crowds of walking murals. :)

After circling the banquet hall twice we finally found him. Jason June is a talented artist from Tampa who now lives and works in Manhattan. He is amazing with color and very creative. Nate had a concept in mind that he explained to Jason and an hour later, the design was realized perfectly.

Nate is an amazingly talented drummer. That's actually how we met (we were in a band together for a few years). He played snare in drumline in high school and had a piece of drum music from his senior solo that he wanted to transform into a tattoo. Jason came up with a great banner idea.

Getting started...

Nate almost broke my hand. Jason warned him that shoulder/neck tattoos are some of the worst to sit through...

An hour or so later:

Nate: Becka wanted to get something too
Me: Ugh, yeah, well, I was just thinking...
Jason: What do you want?
Me: Um, well, I have this picture, it's small and-
Jason: Cool, wanna do it right now?
Me: Uh, now? Um, I guess -Nate pushes me into the booth- so, yeah.

After Jason almost broke my hand with his superman handshake, I was a little nervous to let him put a needle to my skin. But it was relatively painless. Nate said I didn't even wince. ;)

...Probably because mine took all of 3 minutes

Ta da! Love it!

Who loves ya baby?

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I know it's only September but I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of our very special year-end promotion:

If you are a bride or you know a bride that has yet to book their wedding photographer please send them our way asap! November is quickly filling up but we still have availability for September, October and December. And don't worry if you don't have time to fit an engagement session in before your big day. We can flip the script and make it a day after or a trash the dress session instead.


*Valid for weddings occuring on or before 12.31.08
*Valid upon booking one of our listed wedding collections and payment of retainer.
*Complimentary engagement session cannot be traded for value or other goods or services.
*Subject to availability

Ken & Christine: Sneak Peak

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We met Christine a few weeks ago and have been so excited to shoot her and her fiance, Ken, ever since. Ken lives in another state so the scheduling was a little crazy but this last weekend we all got to stroll around taking pictures, cracking jokes, and dodging cars. ;)

Ken and Christine were so much fun. Not only are they crazy cute and cuddly, but they are also hilarious and fun to be around. Here is a sneak peak of what we've got in the works...

I know what you're thinking, and yes, they may be the sweetest couple ever.

Adorable, seriously.

We have ridiculously gorgeous clients. What else can I say?

LOVE this.

More to come so stay tuned....