Some Love for the Seniors...

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When I was in high school we were forced to use a certain photographer that the school had worked out a deal with for our senior portraits. My photos turned out okay, but they were nothing spectacular, and they looked just like everyone else's. I am so excited to offer these promotions for the upcoming class of 2009! I love shooting portraits and seniors are no exception.

We have two main options for our beloved seniors of 2009. The first is our regular portrait session which is so much fun. It's like being a supermodel for a day. We'll have various outfit changes and go to different locations for a shoot that's as unique as each of our models. The second, and most exciting, is called "The Senior Spectacle". The Spectacle makes me so excited to talk about because I would have LOVED to have the opportunity to take part in it myself back in high school.

The Spectacle is the best way to document your last year in school. The package takes place throughout your entire school year and includes 3 different portrait sessions. One will be your modeling session, and the other two are up to you! Some suggestions for your shoots are: prom preparation, graduation party, pre-prom couples session, new car presentation, getting ready for the big game, etc. Then, we compile the best images from all 3 shoots and custom design an Heirloom leather-bound album for you! It's the most glamorous way to display the excitement, fun, and memories of one of the most important years in your life! Book before August 1, and take part in these two promotions...

Brian and Susan's Wedding!

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Nate and I had the great honor of being asked to photograph Brian and Susan's gorgeous beach wedding in Cape Canaveral this last Sunday. I've been working on the images all day and I decided to throw up a sneak peak teaser for you all. The photos look gorgeous and I'm so excited to debut them all very soon. For now, enjoy these samples...

Website Sneak Peak

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After weeks of scouring the internet for the perfect website (and bugging all of my photographer friends about who did their sites) I finally found it! I’ve been working behind the scenes this month building the website and making it beautiful. Now it’s just about finished. It’s a strange feeling when things start to finally come together. A few months ago I would have never thought that everything would move so quickly. It’s so close I can taste it and I’m excited for the big public launch. We have some fun stuff planned for our online friends as we count down to the big launch. I can’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil any surprises but there will be a chance for audience participation so keep checking in, I don’t want you to miss out! That’s all you’re gonna get for now. Stay tuned...

Deahna's a Hot Mama

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I first met Deahna a few summer’s ago on our way to Salerno, Italy. We were both on a Summer Project with Campus Crusade and would be spending the next 6 weeks of our lives on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast of Italy building friendships with the local college students and talking to them about their religious beliefs.

Deahna was actually the person who inspired me to get my nose pierced. I thought her’s was so cute that I decided to go for it. The rest is history...

You can imagine my excitement when I got the chance to shoot Deahna and her soon-to-be son, Justice Hosea. We didn’t have the gorgeous Amalfi Coast at our disposal so we settled for the Eastern coast of Florida and I think it turned out beautifully.

Celebration Weekend

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Like I said in the last post, there were a lot of birthdays going on so we ventured up to Jacksonville to hang out with some fabulous friends while we were on that side of the state. On our way back to Orlando we decided to stop by the beach since it was, by far, the most beautiful day of the year.

The following photos are all Nate’s

Well hello new pink dress from the Guess outlet. Gotta love shopping sprees!

There’s something beautifully ugly about insects. I don’t know why this guy let Nate get so close!

Nate grew up here and he and his father have a special bond with the crashing waves on this coast. I wish I could surf, but my one attempt landed me upside down under water and spitting out sand. Becka = not a surfer girl. Lesson learned.

Happy Mother's Day!

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What a weekend. Not only was today Mother’s Day but this weekend was also the birthday weekends of Nate’s mom, his nephew, and our friend Mike. We made a trip to St. Augustine to visit everyone with enough presents in our car to convince passers-by that it was Christmas.

This is the ever-handsome Jacob who celebrated his 13th birthday this weekend and raked in a PS2 and Pork Pie snare drum.

Nate’s sister and his mom celebrated Mother’s Day while Jake celebrated becoming a teenager. Everyone who got presents got to sit on the sofa.

Here's Nate passing out presents

For some reason, it’s “tradition” in the Robinson family to give each other gift bags that don’t fit the occasion? I don’t know why.