Happy Mother's Day!

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What a weekend. Not only was today Mother’s Day but this weekend was also the birthday weekends of Nate’s mom, his nephew, and our friend Mike. We made a trip to St. Augustine to visit everyone with enough presents in our car to convince passers-by that it was Christmas.

This is the ever-handsome Jacob who celebrated his 13th birthday this weekend and raked in a PS2 and Pork Pie snare drum.

Nate’s sister and his mom celebrated Mother’s Day while Jake celebrated becoming a teenager. Everyone who got presents got to sit on the sofa.

Here's Nate passing out presents

For some reason, it’s “tradition” in the Robinson family to give each other gift bags that don’t fit the occasion? I don’t know why.


  1. Anonymous // May 27, 2008 at 10:07 PM  

    Isn't our family lucky to have you?! We get to have your sense of humor, your laughter, and sweet self at our events PLUS you capture it all on film! ;)

    And the gift bags being odd is not where it began, more at tricking the kids into thinking they got something they didn't really want. Like Nate buying the boys Barbie dolls at the dollar store one year for Christmas, just to see the looks of shock and disappointment only to then give them their real presents. ;)

    Isn't he a nice uncle?