Lovely Lauren

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Lauren was one of my very first college friends. We met as freshmen in Honor’s Symposium (quite possibly the easiest A available to undergraduates), and then re-met randomly a year or two later. The rest is history. She is hilarious, charming, and striking and I had so much fun walking around downtown taking her portraits.

The Dancer

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What could be better than hanging out with two of your closest girlfriends? (I’m giving you a second to think about it) You’ve got nothing don’t you? Well you would be correct because there is really nothing that beats it. I was so lucky to recently get to hang out with two of my favorite women and take some portraits of them.

Dacia is one of my best friends, she also happened to be a ballerina. She let me talk her into sneaking onto the interstate at sunset to get these amazing shots of her in her old toe shoes. Dacia also happens to have the most breath-taking green eyes I've ever seen in my life. Don't you agree?

Eisley LIVE

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Any Eisley lovers out there? We were blessed with the hook up. A friend of Nate’s grew up with the band and got us in with their manager to take some photos while they played a show here in Orlando. It was such a thrill to be shooting such amazing musicians. Check out their music here: Eisley

Heather Ahrens

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Meet Heather Ahrens, owner and creative genius behind Ha! Photography. You will hear her name quite a bit if you talk with me (Becka) about photography. She practically trained me! She is talented beyond belief and she and her husband happen to be our good friends. (How lucky are we?) As you can imagine, we were beyond flattered when she asked us to take some headshots of her for her new and improved website. She’s gorgeous, so the session was a breeze. Here are some of my favorites. You can check out her work (and our headshot-shooting abilities) at her website:Ha! Photography

Joey & Nikki

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Joey and Nikki are one of those couples that just radiate cuteness from every angle. They were so much fun during our afternoon shoot downtown. It was so hard to pick just a few photos to put up here, we got tons of fabulous shots from these two who were up for anything and completely easy-going. At one point we had them sneaking passed security guards into an apartment lobby to get one shot with a gorgeous mosaic wall in the background, and they were all for it! A big “Bravo!” to Joey for being such a gorgeous model while he was sick with a pretty intense cold. You two are amazing!

Sterling & Rachel

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Rachel and Sterling have been good friends of ours since college so you can understand our excitement when Sterling popped the question. We were so honored to take engagement photos for them to use in their wedding guestbook. They were such wonderful models, joking and laughing and kissing a lot. (Love it!) Check out the rock that she get's to wear around now-a-days! Her left arm is getting a good workout! Best wishes to the Mr. & Mrs!