Make a Wish: Orlando

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Orlando, FL

About a week ago I was asked to come photograph a teen's wish being granted through the Make A Wish Foundation of Orlando. I had never actually seen a wish being granted, even though I know they are granted all the time. It was such a fun experience to be there firsthand and get to join in on the excitement!

The special wish was for a shopping spree at the Apple store. (How awesome is that?) It was so much fun to see all the employees line up waiting for the very special teen to arrive. There were balloons and applause and lots of smiles as he was taken on an hour long personal shopping appointment with one of Apple's best. They went all through the store discussing the specs of all the different computers and other goodies before deciding on a brand new Macbook and printer.

It was such a fabulous way to start my Saturday! The Make a Wish foundation is full of such wonderful people. If you are looking for a place to get involved you should most definitely look into your local chapter.

Very excited!

Final decision: Macbook + printer. Congratulations!!!

Coming soon...

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I am finishing up Ken & Christine's beautiful wedding but I wanted to share this picture in the mean time because it just screams "romance" to me. I absolutely love it! I don't know if we've ever captured a moonrise at a wedding quite like this one. I'm fairly certain that Ken & Christine's wedding was magical...

Moonrise at Ken & Christine's wedding

Last minute brides...

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We still have some available wedding dates for February, March & April for all of you last minute, spring brides out there. So if you are a bride or know of a bride who is thinking that it is too late to secure an amazing photography experience, fear not! Sometimes procrastination pays off! ;)

inquire about availability via the contact form on our website

Studio222 loves LOST

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Wow! It is a busy January around here! We are so excited to reveal our gorgeous January weddings (Hello newlyweds!) to you all and to gush about the most beautiful venue we've ever shot at. As soon as you see the pictures, you're going to want to get married there. But before all that, we're celebrating Nate's birthday this weekend with friends and family from out of town. So please excuse any delay in email responses. I'm trying to juggle keeping up with our emails/voicemails and being a good hostess. :)

Any LOST fans out there? How much did you love the season premiere this last week?! We are big LOST fans so we decided to have a little premiere party this week in celebration of the return of our beloved characters. We had some Dharma snacks and lots of good friends around. If you are not already addicted to this show, I'm sure this season will pull you in. It's so fantastic!

Dharma beverage rations.

Heather & Stephanie from Ha! Photography

Kurt & Corissa's Jet Set Engagement

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When I asked Corissa what types of activities she and Kurt liked to share her answer was quick: "We really just travel all the time! All of our friends live in other places." As soon as the words came out of her mouth I had an idea in mind for suitcases and trains at their engagement shoot. Downtown gave us the perfect backdrop for this modern, jet-set couple. And with their wedding just down the street at the Grand Bohemian later this year, we figured downtown couldn't be more perfect.

LOVE this!

Corissa currently serves our country in the military, we couldn't pass up a patriotic shot!

The Bohemian is where they'll be saying "I Do" this summer!

Justin & Lindsey: Sneak Peak

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Today we had the honor of shooting Justin and Lindsey's gorgeous sunset wedding. The wedding was glowing with the setting sun and smiling faces as friends and family gathered to witness Justin and Lindsey's vows.

I can honestly say that I've never seen so many people dance for so long at a wedding reception. The DJ was fantastic and Lindsey and Justin shook it on the dance floor all night long surrounded by their guests. I can't wait to show you all the fun dancing pictures! Until then, enjoy these five sneak peaks into our day today.

We love big skies. But you already knew that.

A Personal Note...

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Disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for funny scrunched up faces I make while shooting

Hello sweet friends!

This is the first day since October that I have not had something pressing to do. Don't get me wrong, there's the normal emails and daily to-do's but nothing that has to get done RIGHT NOW. It's so nice! I decided to have some fun with today's post and let you into my world with some letters to this week. Hope you enjoy...


Dear Biggest Loser,

You were almost too much for my emotions! First I was all "Yay Bob!" for yelling at the slacker. And then I was all "Boo team!" for sending Jerry home. And like always I felt guilty about my own dinner while watching you. It was a VEGGIE BURGER, okay?!

The woman ready to take Joelle's place in the gym. Seriously Bob, call me.


Dear Anthropologie,

I am such a loyal patron and yet you like to parade my favorite items around with tags like "On Sale" so that my heart starts to flutter and my hopes begin to rise and I begin to believe that the yellow patterned chaise that I have been lusting after all season might actually be in my budget and then... whammy... you break my heart with a $700 price tag. $700 is not a sale. Just sayin...

Oh so skeptical of your "sales"


Dear Gurtzberry,

Stop tempting me with your creamy, cool yogurt-y goodness! I don't care if you claim to be lowfat, you still cannot be healthy in the quantities at which I like to consume you. And as much I love you, I do not want to carry you around on my hips all year long. So, stop calling. Stop emailing. I'm just not that into you...

This hurts me more than it hurts you,
A woman with a New Year's Resolution


Dear Headaches,

You have officially overstayed your welcome. If you stay another day I will kill you with any means necessary. Not. Even. Kidding.

Your not so happy hostess


Dear Bella Collina,

After getting to meet you last Saturday at the wedding, I have fallen in love with you (don't tell Nate). You are by far the most beautiful wedding venue in Central Florida and I must see you again. Please find a way for us to reunite! I'll be waiting...

Hopelessly in love,
Your favorite photographer


Dear people getting married,

You are wonderful! You rock my world! Thank you so much for trusting us with your biggest of days. Thank you for creating gorgeous, romantic, lovely days for us to document. Thank you for being vulnerable in front of our cameras. There is not a moment that goes by during which I am not completely thankful for all of you and the amazing impact you have in my life daily.

Thank you all,
Becka Knight

Ken & Christine: Sneak Peak

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Today's wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings that I've ever been blessed to be a part of. I literally was fighting back tears during the ceremony. It was pure beauty.

I cannot (read: CANNOT) wait to finish the rest!
Here is a sneak peak for you....

Steve & Bonnie: Wedding

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Steve and Bonnie are pretty famous faces around on our blog and website. I know what you're thinking, "Don't you guys have any other clients?" Well, yes, we have others but none that have had us photograph them as much as Steve and Bonnie! :)

If you've been paying attention you may remember them from their gorgeous St. Augustine Trash the Dress Session, or you might remember them from their super cute Engagement Session with their pups. The image of the two of them in front of the car has become one of our most popular images and we love showing the two of them off all over our website and blog.

Bonnie and Steve are, by far, the most creative couple we know. They are from Canada, eloped in St. Lucia, and had this gorgeous brunch reception at the Celebration Hotel in Florida. Most of the details at this reception were done by Bonnie herself! She did such a fantastic job of making sure every single detail was beautifully executed. (If you pay close attention, you'll notice that Bonnie wears three different dresses through the course of these pictures. I told you she was amazing!) Every single guest was in awe of the beauty that surrounded them and so were we! The entire day was filled with love and beauty, good friends and laughs. Speaking of laughs, Steve and Bonnie even hosted an after party at Firkin & Keglers! How cool is that?! But enough of me babbling, you can just see for yourself...

Thank you Steve and Bonnie for allowing us the honor of getting to know the both of you, your love story, your fabulous personalities, and your family. We have loved every session more than you know and we wish you nothing but happiness as you go forward into this new stage of your lives! PS. Say "Hi" to the pups for us!