Josh & Lisa: Wedding

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While everyone else was buying sandbags and batteries, Lisa and Josh were getting the last minute details finalized for their Anna Maria Island wedding, and praying that Tropical Storm Fay would be passed the little island in time for their big day. Luckily (and thanks to countless prayers, we're sure) Fay moved on through and left the island alone for the party.

Josh and Lisa are such a fun couple! Nate and I had so much fun shadowing them throughout the day, which started at an old fashioned barber shop where all the groomsmen got professional straight razor shaves and ended with the most fabulous wedding cake we've ever tasted in our life. (From Mr. Chessecake Yes, I said CHEESECAKE!) Those little details blew us away. Lisa and Josh's personality were all over them and they only served to make the day even more special. The entire wedding was filled with laughs and love so tangible you couldn't help but get a little teary eyed.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sears! We hope that when you look through the images you feel everything that you felt that day all over again and can see a glimpse of the love that we all got to see in you both. Thank you for giving us the honor of capturing it all.

The guys had some time to relax at the Capelli Salon in Tampa in the morning.


Lisa's bridesmaid, Vanessa, did a wonderful job on her makeup. You rocked it out Vanessa!

The boys...

The girls...

While Lisa was on her way, the groomsmen all went to the beach with Josh and prayed with him. Nate captured this moment and as soon as I saw it in his camera, my eyes misted over. I keep telling him not to show me those tear-jerking moments till after we leave! :)


Nate's FAVORITE. You all rocked our world with this one!

This one was specially requested by Lisa and we're LOVING how it turned out!


The last dance of the night was beautiful as the couple danced through bubbles blown by their guests.

Hot Mama and baby Pumas

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Our friends Ross and Lindsay are expecting their first baby at the end of September. (Yes, that means this gorgeous woman is already 8 months pregnant. I know, it blows my mind too!) They are such a fun couple! We ended up starting this shoot about an hour behind schedule because of a thunderstorm so we had to do more of a night shoot than a sunset one. Ross and Lindsay both work for Campus Crusade for Christ at UCF so we thought it would be fun to get some shots on campus and then head back to their house to see the baby's nursery. Ross and Lindsay were amazing models and had us laughing with them the entire night!

When we started, we caught this buttery sunlight as it started to go down behind the university.

Nose kisses are my favorite

HaHa, this one just makes me laugh everytime I look at it! I'm sure they'll keep the fire alive. ;)

Work it out!

Pumas and a belly ;)

Baby Colton's adorable nursery. Ross' mother made all of the bedding, curtains, and that quilt!

...And baby pumas so Colton can match his daddy. So adorable!

Stowers Maternity Sneak Peak

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Here's a sneak peak of the dramatic shots we got from Ross & Lindsay's evening shoot. She's so incredibly gorgeous, can you believe she's already 8 months pregnant?! There's more to come but for now, enjoy these tasty samples...

You may have noticed we tweaked the blog a bit. We've now made it so that we can show BIGGER pictures for your photo-loving enjoyment! ;) We like it, we hope you do too!

Stay tuned, we've got wedding, maternity, and some super secret/super hot stuff on it's way...

Josh & Lisa: Sneak Peak

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Here's a sneak peak of the gorgeous wedding we shot yesterday. We were blessed with very little rain and gorgeous clouds out on Anna Maria Island! There are so many beautiful images for us to sort through but here's just 2 of our favorites.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sears! Enjoy Jamaica!

Keep in Touch Baby!

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Hello lovely friends! We just wanted to let you know that will be out of our office tomorrow and Saturday for a wedding on Anna Maria Island. Please be patient with us if we cannot return your emails or messages as quickly as normal. We will be back and adding teaser images from the wedding early next week.

But if you can't wait until then to know what we're up to, you can follow us on Twitter. What is Twitter? We thought you might ask that. So here is a video from the guys at Common Craft to explain it (with visual aids!)

One of the cool things about Twitter is that you can update it from your phone and we are completely guilty of being on Twitter on our iPhones all the time! So head on over to and be a fly on the wall of our day to day lives. You'll get to know us better than ever and get to see what we're up to between blog posts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Wish us sunny skies for our wedding tomorrow! :)

Comments, Comments, Comments

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To comment on our posts, the link is at the top of each post, not the bottom. I think there's been some confusion and misplaced comments.

Love ya'll!

The ABC Schoolhouse

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Nate and I were offered the opportunity to go to the ABC Schoolhouse and photograph the students and teachers.

The ABC Schoolhouse is a nonprofit school located in Oviedo, Florida, that serves children with autism and related disabilities. They recently moved to their new location from Winter Park and are now able to stretch their legs in a gorgeous new building on an acre of beautifully shaded land. The school uses a dynamic program unique in the area to provide the students with the best possible assistance and to work with the student's families in order to meet each individual child's needs in the most effective way possible.

I've known the staff for about a year and a half and they are such amazing people! The two founders, Hyndi and Bobbi are passionate about the school and are constantly working on ways to be on the forefront of autism research and therapy. The rest of the staff is so much fun to watch with the kids. They are patient and loving and so easy going that you feel like you are part of a fun family more than a school.

This is the type of place that is making a difference not only with research and knowledge but also with love and compassion. I feel so blessed to know these wonderful people and get to document the amazing work that is going on at the ABC Schoolhouse.

To read more about their dynamic programs, staff, and about autism research,
visit their website here.

Back to school!

Here are just some of the smiling faces that make up the staff. You may recognize Susan from her gorgeous beach wedding last May.

Meet some of the kids:

Those eyes!

Website Makeover

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First off, let me just say..." YAY this is our 50th post!" Ok....

We've been really busy organizing and straightening up around here. We have a bunch of stuff coming up and we wanted to make sure that we are ready. One of the things we did to get ready was to update our website. As we evolve and grow creatively, we want to make sure our site reflects that.

We snazzed up the site by updating the intro page as well as the personal page about Nate and I. We also updated various little things all throughout. But biggest of all, we added a new client shopping cart and something we like to call "The Studio Haute Collection." It is an inspiration guide to help you (our fabulous clients/friends) envision your favorite images as gorgeous displays on your wall. Go check it out on our site! We'll be dedicating a blog post to it later this week.

Love it? Hate it? Let us know! :)

The new intro...

Some info about your two favorite photographers ;)

Sneak Peak...The Studio Haute Collection

Mini Vacay!

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Nate and I took a weekend trip down to Sarasota as a mini vacation and to scout out the area for our upcoming Anna Maria Island wedding. (Yes that's you Lisa & Josh!) The area is so beautiful! Neither of us had been there before so it was a bit of an adventure. We found an amazing hotel on Lido Key. I'm in love with this hotel! It actually feels more like a resort with it's restaurant, poolside bar, ocean rentals, and roomy suites. We were soooo happy to have stumbled upon it. We will definitely be going back! Lido key is really close to St. Armand's Circle which is a cute shopping area with nice restaurants and little shops and art galleries. We almost (almost) bought a signed Gary Larson print and collection of his work that hasn't been published. Maybe next time. We also stopped in at the Mote Marine Aquarium. Little did we know that Sarasota was a big place for research and preservation. It was very cool. We're all about the sea creatures! (Sharkweek anyone?)

We also drove up to Amelia Island to get our bearings for next week. What a cute place and the venue is gorgeous! We are so excited to go back down there and capture Lisa & Josh's wedding day! Here's some photos from our excursion:

In case you were wondering...

Welcome to Sarasota

The Sandcastle


Gotta love that Florida humidity! Fogged up my lens instantly!

Nate snapped this one of the sunset in my lens. Amazing.

You just can't beat those west coast sunsets!