Go Radio spends the night

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Nate and I both have a very special place in our hearts for music. We love shooting live concerts. The energy is amazing. We also love getting to know the musicians, chatting about lyrics and equipment, and doing promo shoots with some really awesome individuals.

A few months ago we were introduced to a band from Tally called Go Radio. We saw them for the first time at a show here in Orlando. It was acutally this show with my friends, Select Start. I remember them so vividly because we honestly weren't expecting much (sorry guys) and they blew us away!

The guys in Go Radio have a great sound, and put on a great show. Their lyrics are passionate and real and the band really shares themselves with the crowd when the perform. Nate was an instant fan and took a bunch of photos of them which I later accidentally deleted (oops). Ever since then he has been itching to see them perform again and get some live shots.

We scoped out their myspace and loved all of their songs! And we found out they were coming back so we got in touch with them and set up a time to take some pictures. They needed some promo and live shots, and we wanted some pictures that I wouldn't accidentally delete again. ;)

These guys were so much fun! We walked around downtown to get some promo shots for them and then rocked out with them at their show. To make things even more fun, they all ended up staying over at our condo playing XBox and joking around until about 2am. They were such amazing guys and we feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with them. We hope to see them (and shoot them) again in the future. Until then, all our best wishes to the guys of Go Radio!

Promo shots first:

Shaky scaffolding? Yes please!

Nate's favorite

Yes, I was sitting on Nate's shoulders for this one...

Becka's favorite

We love this place because everyone else tells us they get kicked out, but we never do.

We can't take him anywhere...

And now some shots from their show:

We wanted to make sure we got some good shots of Steven, the drummer, because drummers usually end up hidden in pictures

Becka's favorite

The crowd just loved Jason. Sorry ladies, he's off the market.

Becka does details like it's her job

Everyone needs to hear the song "Forever My Father". Jason wrote it after his dad passed away and it's amazing.

Matt, the bassist, also sings, jumps, spins, and karate kicks. He's a man of many talents.

With how much Tony moves around onstage, this shot is nearly miraculous.

The band also has a myspace page so head over there to hear their music and leave them some love. And if you live in North Florida, they are having a CD release show on the 24th in Tally.

CONTEST UPDATE: We are currently 6th! The contest runs for a few more weeks but we really want to make top 5 so please vote and tell your friends as well. If we win 1st we will be giving away an S&B Portrait session (a $300 value)!


  1. Anonymous // June 24, 2008 at 2:26 PM  

    Go Girl!!!!! These are great!!!! Looks like fun...

  2. david & kimi baxter // July 15, 2008 at 11:39 PM  

    these kick @$$!!!!