Becka's 30 before 30

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Hello world! First of all, our blog readership is going up, up, up, but I see very little comments. Come on people, we love comments. They make us feel loved. :) So...leave us love when you stop by. We'll return the favor! of my soapbox...

Nate came up with this great idea to make a list of goals to accomplish before we turn 30. You can read his list in yesterday's post. My list is a little scattered but it's fun. I'd love to finish all of these things!

1. Shoot a portrait session for someone famous
2. Get a press pass to a Mute Math concert
3. Shoot a wedding in another country
4. Make a photo book of themed images
5. Send a postcard to Post Secret
6. Sing on stage again
7. Go back to Salerno
8. Go on an Alaskan cruise
9. Host a dinner party worthy of Martha Stewart Living
10. Have a cookout at one of the local springs
11. Run a 10K
12. Get tattooed
13. Establish a tradition
14. Enter a ballroom dancing competition
15. Play and win something in Vegas
16. Book a limo
17. Get a puppy
18. Attend a professional football game
19. Go hang gliding (preferably in the mountains)
20. Eat at Manuel's on 28th
21. Sell my car and buy a more fuel-efficient one
22. Own all 3 seasons of Roswell on DVD
23. Set up an acrylic aquarium with brightly colored fish
24. Find my old coin collection and find a better way to store it
25. Purchase a piece of art from a gallery
26. Own a pair of Monolo's or Louboutin's
27. Send birthday cards and holiday gifts on time
28. Start a local nonprofit
29. Diversify my investment portfolio
30. Have visible abs

Nate and I are headed out of town tonight. I can't tell you what for but it involves crossing one of Nate's goals off of his list. We'll have pictures when we get back! Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!


  1. nat // June 15, 2008 at 8:37 PM  

    Oh I like your list. Given me some ideas for my own list. It was the Roswell DVDs i need those too. I should be able to complete my list just with all the dvds i want to buy now.

  2. the almost right word // June 16, 2008 at 11:58 AM  

    your blog is beautiful! just discovered it through 20sb. your photography is amazing. anyone who haves you shoot their wedding must be very lucky.

    and i loved the 30 before 30 list...i'm with you on many of those i.e. visible abs. ;)

  3. Studio222 Photography // June 16, 2008 at 4:12 PM  


    I probably could make a list of just DVDs I want to buy. I have quite a collection and can't stop adding to it. :)


    Thanks! I love 20sb. I've been on there for a while with past blogs and have loved the people I get to meet.

    And yes, the abs, that really should have been at the top of my list. HaHa